Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A beautiful step out of Reality

Well I think its time to update you all on whats been going on lately, which is summed up it one word, home. I know it has been awhile since I spoke to you last, I shall fix this by writing just a little to much about it. It took an entire day, three different flights and way to much time sitting in a position a human body does not willingly approve of, but in the end running into my mothers arms while I think screaming...or maybe it was just her, I cant remember I was crying to hard,  made the whole thing worth while. Of course that was almost two weeks ago and now most of what is coming out of my mouth is..."Damn I miss Duino" which most teenagers who have just moved away from their parents will completely understand. 

Home is amazing though, the warmth, being around wonderfully crazy people who know more about me than I had realized, the family who has not changed AT all and having people speak English everywhere! I missed this place so much. Its interesting though for me now because I know what its like to leave a place and return months or even years later, but this is different. The people have changed, but this time so have I and the change is good. I was prepared for the worst, not understanding the jokes, awkward silences and just plain not fitting in. I was not prepares for evenings filled with laughing so hard it hurt, weird noises, absolutely no talking due to the things I just mentioned and just the feeling of "I fit here". I have had so many bad homecomings but this one makes up for all of the others. I miss the college and my new family but what I am just now realizing is that we still have a long way to go to reach the levels of friendship that I have here. I really will miss this place when I go back to Duino and real life. 

                                                                                                Christmas has come and passed means that a new year approaches which scares me so much more than I would like it to. I think this has something to do with my silly stupid idea of just "looking" at colleges...gah I don't want to grow up, really I don't which you should be able to see from the flattering pictures I have been putting up. Christmas was a very small affair, Kalessin my sister had to leave two days before on work so we had dinner then and opened most presents then as well. I love my new and warm much, Duino I think I handle your cold now! I love Christmas not for those reasons, the presents and food, but because I get to be around people who I love, make evil treats and have an excuse to be corny watch Christmas specials. Now that its passed here I start to think of Duino and hows it going to be when I get back, what I've gotten for my rooma's and new stock for the famous tea party's. And now I shall post to many pictures of Christmas Eve dinner and some of my early Christmas to make up for my utter lack of interest in my blog this last month.
Fake box's are the best

Mom finally got a fridge for the boat!
My bone....
Yule Log my master piece :)

See, photo overload.