Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Silliness of epic proportions.

Why hello. 
Hello again! Current location is once again Duino. St. Augustine I will revisit you again, this is something I swear to the beautiful people I left behind who hold me to this promise. It was harder saying good bye this time as I don't know when I shall return again and somehow I felt closer with my friends than before, I would say that we matured but that's just not the right word...Oh well. 

The winter break was informing in many was and one thing that I was forced to learn is the painful truth about growing up, it sucks big time. Still fighting this unfortunate fact but returning to the college is not helping in the least with course work starting to ramp up, SAT's around the corner and the scary thought that this isn't for ever. Thank god not everything has changed and there is plenty of things to distract the mind and stop maturity. 

This asian is cool.
For instance this last weekend has been beautiful, with people who I love doing many spontaneous things like long afternoon naps all cuddled together, jumping into the freezing ocean, long conversations about nothing and times with no need to talk just to be together. Duino please never change. I missed these people so much and I love how natural everything feels again. I even love the cold, how it brings people together inside for tea and long conversations and how when outside it inspires us to act with vigor, to run around and to bundle up beyond recognition. SO happy for all my amazing Christmas presents that are keeping me warm and happy right now, if only pajamas were acceptable in polite company. 
It even looks cold out!
Well the biggest story I have to tell you all would have to be about the adventure into the ocean my friends under took in 7 degree weather...excuse was that it was sunny. I did not partake in the death defying act of bravery/stupidity but enjoyed a nice warm bystander view point. The facial expressions were amazing. Someday I will do this but I don't like the cold THAT much. 

 "When I am rich and own my own island...all of you beautiful people are welcome on it".