Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear Winter

Its getting cold and I mean proper even the Canadians are wearing jackets cold. The sound of waves crashing against the shore have been replaced by the whistling of wind through the trees, trees which colour's have turned from green to yellow, with tendrils of red starting to creep in. This sound is my constant companion, a hum that never goes away, even when indoors it drums in my head, keeping me crazy or keeping me sane? There is a lot of crazy here, crazy in love, with happiness, with stress or just plain old fashioned crazy. We all crack once and awhile, but that's what makes us human and what ultimately makes us sane in the end.

Life has been going well here at the college, mainly surrounding school work which despite second years telling us to do the opposite and enjoy our time here before the real work comes, which oddly is not that comforting. Since I last filled you in I have spent most days here in Duino, curled up in some corner with fellow cold persons, exchanging stories of warmth back home, arguing who has the worst heat/humidity and just being silly. Life is good when you have people to share it with.

A strange thing did happen this last week, a phenomenon called...Suit Up Day, in which the majority of the college honored a favourite character in a TV show called How I Met Your Mother. So on the 13th of October mini business women and men wandered Duino's streets and the Italian guys finally were not the only ones in suits. Its interesting what happens when you put a suit on a person, how in the classes people sat that much straighter, talked with more confidence, and sometimes behave slightly classier than usual. How does one set of clothes do that to someone? Does that go to show that appearances do make a difference? Maybe Barney Stinson was on to something with his love of suits.

Well Mensa is calling, its that time of day when we all flock to line up for food, the internal clock is screaming "I WANT FOOD!" So I will leave you to go eat dinner, with high hopes of maybe getting something healthy to eat tonight and 2 to many layers on for mental comfort.

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