Friday, October 7, 2011

Hardcore Procrastination, Ninja’s and Sleepless Nights

Life at the college is just getting started and its feels like I have been here awhile, routines have fallen into place, people have become more than just faces and names, teachers know our names and riding to Monfalcone or Trieste is nothing.  Everyone has settled in, home is slowly becoming the crowded halls of residences and Mensa food is endured. School here is the same as home schooling except with classmates, teachers and homework but we finish early, do what we want for most of the day and the classes are often outside. It’s only been one month, I can only imagine what it will be like by the end of the year, but hey, that’s awhile away.
School is starting to live up to its scary expectations, actual work is being done which means my favorite past time is starting, procrastination. One of the many unofficial things taught at the college is how to truly procrastinate; sorry Facebook but you’re a thing of the past. Every were you look, there is something to do, so why do homework when I can be swimming in porto, walking Rilke Path with friends, having a tea party or just sitting and having a good conversation, be it about politics or whether Grom really is better than Zamboni when it comes to gelato.
The campus is getting cold, and its affecting us in a very strange way. Now that Peace One Day is behind us we can move on to more interesting things, like ninja, a game in which the whole school has to dress up as a ninja, and try and kill as many victims as possible. Very UWC I know. Now people have gone to the extreme of holding spoons up in Mensa, so as to see behind them for possible attackers. Soon we are going to have poison tasters, looking out for the deadly almond extract slipped into their food.
 There is always night time to do homework, hence the sleepless nights. Sleeping before 12:00 is hard, before 11:00 impossible. There are not enough hours in the day to sleep and do what you want in this place. I used to have to have at least 8-10 hours to sleep, now I make do with 6 or 5, thank god for free blocks in which power naps are suggested.  Speaking of I should probably sleep as I have Hiking tomorrow and a class first thing in the morning. Good night all.

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