Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eyes Wide Open

     Plato has this theory about prisoners in a cave. What if you were stuck in a cave with a fire behind you and you could not turn around. The only world would you know of are the shadows on the wall created by people going by on a bridge behind you. Now say one prisoner is let go, and after getting used to the light begins to see a whole new world. Of course the prisoner runs back and tries to tell his companions (you) about the wonders he has seen...would you believe him? It feels like that has just happened to me, but my brain is the prisoner and my eyes are the ones trying to convince me that what they see is true. Now let me give you some back story. 
     Last I talked to you Bora had just arrived, and until a week ago, Bora stayed. So for the last month below 0 degrees was the norm. The great thing about Italian winter is that Italians are not ready for it, so as soon as below zero hits the radiators die, the wind picks up, the sky darkens, and life becomes centered around how many clothes you can get on your body. The up side to this all was it  

snowed, TWICE,  and I got to wear alll my lovely new winterclothing. Then because of the cold I got a lovely case of bronchitis which kept me indoors for a week. All in all I had not seen the sun in a long time. Then Saturday morning my cough was minimal, a school  trip to Verona was scheduled and the Sun came out. I felt like that prisoner who had just escaped and the world was new again, but my brain just could not process what was going on. Thank god for cameras to capture it all and remind you later when the brain is feeling more acceptable. 
     Verona was beautiful. People tell you when you first arrive that Duino area is not truly Italian, there is to much Sloven and Austrian influences but you just think "You must be joking!" There not and when you go to places like Verona you are hit by how ITALIAN it is there. It has everything, ancient Roman colosseum's, Shakespearean love stories, Dante, and good pasta. Having a guide like Henry Thomas my World and Arts teacher with never ending knowledge of all things is nothing to shrug at either. My dream in life is to have at least one forth of the knowledge that man possess. 

 The day was spent running through the streets after the man, trying to stay as close as possible in case he said anything, going into churches, and searching for affordable food. All in all it was a good day, snow was seen, pasta was consumed as well as gelato, side streets were explored and many, many pictures were taken. Sadly though  the time in Verona was still not enough, Juliet and Romeo's house's were not explored and I did not get to walk on the grass next the river and yell Dante's inferno at the ducks. But there will be a next time, the ducks shan't get off so easily. 

And that is really the only interesting thing that has happened in the last month. Yes there have been late nights with friends with long conversations that never seem to end and random adventures but this is all that I can tell you. I promise I will be more vigilant with my entries here and hopefully more interesting things shall occur. Which I deem will not be until London in two weeks! I will be going there for one week for a school project in which I will wander around doing an art project that involves photography. SO excited for the three extra days there I will have to wander around with my friend and read poetry, sit in the many parks and hopefully try and see some live show or acting. 
P.S. The heading is a song by Gotye that I recommend you go check out.

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